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         When Anne Fricke first came to the redwood forests and dramatic coastline of Northern California, after growing up in Southern Indiana, she knew she was home.  Her writing takes on many forms and genres; poetry, short stories, novels, blog posts, and even dabbles in fantasy most nights at her children's bedside.  She performs with a local group, A Reason to Listen Poetry Collective, in a tavern whose interior warms her like a comforting drink after a long day of travel. She is a mother, a wife, traveler, story-teller and an aspiring campfire musician.


"She is a storyteller, a weaver of fantasies whose roots dig deep beneath the earth on which she stands, the long limbs of images and visions reaching towards the sun and wrapping her safely in metaphors and happy endings."                      

                                                                                                 -from Summertime


The Details

          I grew up in Southern Indiana and spent the majority of my teenage years wishing I was somewhere else.  Northern California was the place. After studying English and Philosophy in college I finally settled on Anthropology as my degree.  Six months after graduation I got pregnant with my first daughter and my life took a very wide, unexpected turn.  13 years later, a few more children, a husband, quite a bit of traveling, and numerous existential crises, I am digging my roots deep into the Earth and claiming my original passion, writing.

         My novel, the soon-to-be-renamed "The Orchard's Descendant" is undergoing a final edit...again.  I plan to self-publish this to ebook, audio book and a small number of hard copies.  You can find Chapter One here.  I am co-creator of  MEND; Life at the Seams podcast with the lovely Amy Day.  My new solo project, 'Walking With Freya; A Journey Through Special Needs Parenting' is a podcast that I started with the intent of creating space for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.  I have been blogging about our own personal journey from the beginning.  

        There are always new ideas and new projects in the mix.  Since I still have a little one at home my creations happen mostly in the late hours of should-be-sleeping and occasionally when I rebel against my own standards and let my kids watch Netflix so I can write, podcast or just doodle in various notebooks and lament how easily words seem to come when I am dragging kids through a grocery store but whither when I finally have a quiet moment to write them down.


Poetry and fiction

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