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Siren Song Tavern 2016, video credit: Eileen McGee

This poem is a tribute to my father. These words come from the grief of his stroke, the fond memories of my childhood and life with him, and honoring the lessons and gifts he bestowed upon me growing up.

"Post Election Invocation"

Siren Song Tavern 2017, video credit: Eilen McGee

My response to the election of 45, performed at the Siren Song. Video credit to Eileen McGee. To find more of my poetry, other works and the podcasts I work on, please visit

"A Relationship Guide" 

Siren Song Tavern 2016, video credit: Eileen McGee

In a tribute to her 13 years and going relationship, poet Anne Fricke serenades, if you will, her soon-to-be husband. Reminiscences of their time together mingle with advice for anyone in a relationship, as told through the medium of performance poetry.


Siren Song Tavern 2016, video credit: Eileen McGee

Performed at Siren Song Tavern in Eureka, CA, a poem of watching the 2016 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with my family on a Southern Humboldt ridge. Video Credit to Eileen McGee

Celebrate the Rain/First Rain

I have been a fan of Alice DiMicele for many years.  Her music has featured in many of my long car trips, early mornings drinking tea and afternoons in the garden.  When I first started podcasting I played around with recording this poem on top of her song "Celebrate the Rain" from the album "Make A Change", bookending both with some appropriate sound effects.  I was ecstatic to experiment with a new kind of art form.  I sent Alice a message on FB, mentioned some of the places I had seen her perform (like the little barn in Arcata) and asked her if I could share what I had created.  Though she did not know me, she very graciously gave her permission for me to share this with you.  Enjoy!