Ep27 - Laurie, A Fellow PWS Mom

Laurie, with various degrees in education and special education, came into the Prader-Willi Community with the birth of her daughter, Aubrey, who is now 9. She tells the story of why receiving the news of a Prader-Willi diagnosis was a blessing.

She also walks us through the beginning time with Aubrey, finding out that she herself was pregnant again, taking care of a sick mother and then her own diagnosis of breast cancer. We discuss Aubrey’s scoliosis and what led to their decision of surgery and the ways to approach the education team working with your child. There is an admirable strength woven throughout this conversation; the strength of Laurie’s faith, her family, her relationship with her husband, and the positivity with which I imagine she approaches most things in life. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.