Ep 15 - Natalie Roberts Mazzeo

You are in the doctor’s office holding your 5-month-old baby, listening to a small string of diagnosis that you have never heard of but somehow relate to your daughter never walking, or talking, or having the fine motor skills for sign language.  

Would you break?

I spoke with, Natalie, a very lovely, strong, and inspiring mother who lived this moment, and willingly shares how she put the pieces back together.  She not only tends to her own Radical Acceptance of life in the world of special needs, but helps other parents find acceptance and hope and self-care while on their journey. This interview is about her story, and her daughter Chiara.  It is full of beautiful, graceful, poetic moments that really drew me in.  Along with this she talks about her ReIgnite Program and The Miracle Project

Find out more at miraclemama.com.au