Ep31-Sonia Story; Move, Play Thrive

Neurodevelopmental movements, as Sonia explains them, are movements innate to human beings and help us develop. Without these movements, and the integration of our reflexes, our brain, body and sensory systems are not able to mature. 

When you learn more about it, and begin to understand it even deeper, then you start to see how these could help the people around you; not just the children diagnosed with developmental delays, but the “typically developing” children who can’t sit still in class etc., or the adults who struggle with anxiety, with depression, sleep issues and so much more – I mean, the list of who can be helped by this therapy is llloooonngg.

 Think brain maturity, integrated reflexes, connections, pathways, sensory integration, trauma healing, feeling grounded in your body, emotional security…as Sonia says, “these movements are life changing”.