Ep39 - Food Gratitude

Gratitude – how can having gratitude affect our brains? How can we practice the art of gratitude and bring it into our every day to increase the quality of our lives? How can food gratitude affect us families living with PWS?

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Emily Felt. I first met her over the ethers on this very podcast last year when she came on to talk about her experience as a mother to a daughter with PWS. We also touched on a project she was beginning to get out into the world.  I have since met Emily and her family, shared a meal (and a glass of wine or two) and am grateful to know her now as a friend. Emily has since finished her project, presented at various gatherings and spoke about it with me. This conversation today is about Emily’s work,  “Food Gratitude; A Crash Course in Positive Psychology for Families of Children with PWS”. 

We talked about habits, practices and rituals, the neurology of gratitude, the how and why to build resilience and how reframing negative thoughts is a resiliency skill. We also, of course, talked about all of this in relation to our own lives and experiences and hopes and fears for the future.

I always enjoy talking with Emily – I hope you enjoy this discussion on the very practical ways to bringing more gratitude into your life, especially as a parent of someone with PWS or other special needs.

Thank you to everyone who is here – raising children with special needs or not – it takes a village and I, for one, am grateful for you all!