Ep 46 - Tera and Pura Syndrome

I first met Tera about a year ago. We occasionally meet for lunch and talk about our lives as moms to kids with special needs - the struggles, the logistics, the grief, the positive intentions for now and the future. I have said it before...there is healing in telling our stories. I was so happy to get a text recently from Tera saying, “I’m ready to record my story,” and also honored that she was willing to share the story with this podcast. 

Tera’s son, Rowan, has Pura Syndrome. He was born at home, but it was only hours later that he was under the fluorescent lights of a hospital exam table beginning his medical journey. Tera spoke about her trauma and depression, and how, with the help of ABM therapy  (not only for the therapeutic benefits her son received but also for introducing her to a new and supportive community) she was able to find her way in the world again. She talks about what is important to her family and how they have found the road to happiness and acceptance.

I am grateful to Tera, and all the guests who come on this podcast, for their courage, their insight, and their honesty.