children with special needs

Ep5 - In the Trenches with Jessy

            Welcome back.  Now we hear someone else’s story, a family on the emotional journey of adoption and the eventual diagnosis of a chromosome disorder so rare it does not have a name.  My friend Jessy, whose daughter’s diagnosis is a string of letters and numbers, has no knowledge of anyone else with this disorder.  So if anyone listening knows of this disorder, or anyone with it, you can email me at and I will gratefully pass you along to her. 

            I really enjoyed sitting with Jessy, hearing her story and connecting with her in this way.  But you might want to grab some tissues.  This is a very real, very honest talk about the challenges of raising a child with special needs.  But in the end we get some sage advice from someone who lives, as she says, in the trenches. 

Ep 3 - The Time Between

For three and a half months we cared for our baby who was hypotonic, not eating well, sleeping too much and generally not thriving.  We did not have answers for why.  This episode deals with the fear and heart ache of those months, along with the ways that we coped.